Get Real

This morning, we spent a few hours sharing about some significant happenings in our lives this past year. While most of us chose to stay at the surface, two decided to get real and share some pretty heavy experiences. I was suprised and disappointed at my initial reaction to their 'realness'. My initial thoughts of 'Too much information" was quickly replaced with a sense of longing to be more real myself. Why is it that most of us are so uncomfortable allowing others even a peek into our struggles, hurts, failures and set backs? More importantly, why am I so uncomfortable with the idea?
Could it be that we feel we have too much to lose if we get real? Could it be that the truth is we have much more to lose if we refuse?

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Pablo said...

i know that feeling. we just started reading "in the name of Jesus" by Henri Nouwen, as a pastoral staff... the first chapter really deals with this issue of being open and honest and "broken" as a leader... i wish i was more like this