Almost summer...

Each Summer, we pick a theme that carries us through the weekend programs. Our summer calendar, weekend lessons, stage decorations etc. all refect the theme. Our theme this year is 'IN MOTION'. For some reason we've had a tough time landing on a good way to integrate that theme into our weekend. We've gone back and forth, but finally landed on the idea that God is not a passive, uninterested God but is in motion in the world and in each individual life. We are going to take a different Bible story each week that demonstrates the 'in motion' nature of God. It's always a challenge to carry a theme for 10 weeks but I think this one will create some of momentum.

I've got my 8th grade guys small group tonight, but I'm also supposed to go to an estate planning seminar with Rachel(which I find funny because our 'estate' amounts to so little that I don't feel the pressure to plan it!). I've missed my last two small group meetings with my guys and we only have a few more times together before they graduate. I think my estate will have to wait another month or so.

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