I'm a poor speller and other stuff...

Got an email from my buddy Scott Rubin pointing out that I spelled PILATE wrong in my previous post. I guess I got Pilate mixed up with the PILOT who was flying over the scene when Jesus was arrested...his story doesn't get told very often since it was left out of the gospels.

I'm currently reading two books. Leading the Team-Based Church by George Cladis is an easy, interesting read. I especially like the opening chapter concerning the trinity. I'm also reading The 22 immutable Laws Of Branding by Al and Laura Ries. Not sure how it translates to my ministry setting, but I find the whole concept of branding really intriguing, and this book has been fun to read.

As you can tell, I'm technologically challenged so I had trouble getting the book covers in the right spot and can't figure out how to move them around!

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