Curriculum Woes

Our goal is to have a completely overhauled set of small group curriculum ready for the fall. We've created four categories or 'styles' of curriculum and are trying to create somewhere in the range of 80 small group lessons!

"Multi-week series": These will be four or five week studies covering books of the Bible, Bible characters etc.

"Video Lessons" These will be one-week lessons that are video-driven that still have lots of discussion.

"Talk It Up Lessons" are one-week lessons around a topic that are super heavy in questions and discussion.

"Experience It Lessons" are one-week lessons that revolve around some sort of experiential learning or group field trip.

This all sounds good, and I'm super excited!

-We already filmed 9 of the 12 video lessons (which is a good thing) and found out that a good portion of the footage needs to be re-shot for one reason or another.

-We are up against tight writing deadlines and I'm already way behind!

-We are discovering that even the old curriculum we thought only needed 'minor adjustments' actually needs to be completely re-written.

-I really don't want to spend my summer locked in my office writing curriculum.

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Josh(ua) said...

Boss, this is a bold suggestion, but why not let me do one, grab Puddles and Mike too. We could each do a LITTLE and when they're done, each share in the spoils! Just a thought.