Hook, Slice, Whiff, Fore!

We're at our annual student ministries staff retreat until Wednesday. This 3-day escape has become a highlight of our ministry year. Basically, it's a time to relax before the the summer crunch hits. I'm posting late Monday night because I'm teeing off at 6:00 a.m. Tuesday for a round of golf. Because it's about 105 degrees in Palm Springs, we can play a super nice course for $20.00. We played today and had a great time...with the exception of the sand trap that took me SIX shots to get out of! Despite that, I had a decent round.

Question: If you could play a round of golf with anybody in the world, who would you include in your foursome (they must be living)?

My Answer...I think:
1) Myself
2) Tiger Woods (gotta have a golf legend in my dream group)
3) Bill Gates
4) John Elway

How about you?


marko said...

oh, i'd have YOU in my foursome, kurt!

Josh(ua) said...

1) I'll go with Arnold Palmer (free iced tea + lemonades to cool us down)
2) Will Ferrell (free laughs)
3) Brett Farve (He's my hero. AND a better QB than John Elway!)
4) Optimus Prime (Hey, it's my list so back off!!!)

Pat said...

1. Myself
2. Phil Mickelson (I can double the 18th too.)
3. Bill Murray
4. Matthew (my son in-law, he hits the ball about 320 off the tee)

Sean said...

2.)Bob Barker
4.)Chuck Norris

Eric Putman said...

1. I guess I have to be in my foursome. Thats not good for my team.

2. John Daly - Will pick up the slack and give great tips on how to live a healthy life.

3. Steve Carrell - Ridiculously Hillarious.

4. Kelly Clarkson - Not a good golfer, but hot, from Texas and will sing to me the entire round.

James said...

Well, assuming you and I are actually going to get together sometime soon for me to finally learn, then...

1. Myself
2. Neil Armstrong
3. Pele
4. Ricky Gervais

muzik316 said...

I don't play Golf. =) I did however go out with a friend a day or so before his wedding a few years back, we went to a driving range. Like the young 20 somethings we are we each got the x-large bucket of balls. 2 or so hours later we hit the last of them. The next morning neither of us could move to drive 5 hours to Miami from Tampa for his wedding. Darn Golf balls. I never hurt so bad in my life.

Jason Pogue said...

1. Me
2. Kevin James (one of the most under-rated comics around)
3. Heather Locklear (the girl can play a mean round of golf - as displayed on the Celebrity Golf Tour)
4. Tiger Woods (if he isnt in your foursome - you are an idiot!)