Rachel Dawn Johnston

She was born Rachel Dawn Salzman, but fifteen years ago today she became my wife. I was recently asked what the most significant event of the past year has been and my answer came super easily. The most significant event of the past year is simply that I've fallen more in love with Rachel. Rachel is a strong, independent, gentle, wise, and godly woman who brings out the best in just about everybody her life touches. I'm so thankful God has allowed us to journey together.
A year has gone by since our last anniversary, but my love for Rachel has grown much more than a year's worth over the past 12 months.


Ro-Honda said...

Awwee... so lovely. (I hope this blog entry isn't in place of taking her out tonight!!!!!)

Pat/Cissi said...

Yep, as they say in football: you out kicked your coverage. Congratulations,the next fifteen are even better.

Eric said...

Congratulations Kurt!
You are one lucky guy. Tell Rachel that Puddles says congrats as well. You should take her out for a great round of frisbee golf and dinner at Chick Filet.