Surf's Up

I'm heading out the door in just a few minutes for what should turn out to be a fun day of surfing. We bought a soft-top surfboard for my nine year old son who insists this is the summer he's going to learn to surf. My wife and daughter are away on a little girls trip so I'm spending the day with Cole. I'm also taking one of our interns from Oklahoma who bought a board and has gone a few times as well as another guy from our team who has grown up in California but will jump on a surfboard, and hopefully stand up, for the first time today. Needless to say I won't be spending much time surfing myself...just pushing people into waves and cheering them on.

Of course, we'll try to fit a little 'work' into the day by talking about our summer series(In Motion), our beach camp and our summer camp. But that's really just to keep us from feeling too guilty about skipping a day of work.

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Tom Partin said...


if i every make it out to california, i'll pay you to teach me to surf. it would almost be worth giving up my interim jr high job to intern for you. almost. lol