Brethren at Biola

I'm speaking tonight at a big Brethren youth convention at Biola University just up the freeway. I was asked to speak to the youth pastors, parents, and youth workers about youth culture. Since I recently referred to Myspace as 'Myplace' in front of a bunch of students, I'm feeling a little inadequate in my ability to help others navigate youth culture. I'm going to throw them a little bit of a curve ball by speaking on grace instead. The truth is that youth culture moves so quickly it's easy to get left behind in our efforts to keep up with it all (Ie: Myplace)! But what never changes is the fact that teenagers are hurting and need an atmosphere of grace in order to best experience the grace of the Father. Plus, when you're speaking on grace it makes it pretty tough for the organizers of the event to get too ticked off if you miss the mark!

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