Help For Parents

One of the things I haven't done real well in the past, but want to improve is the role our ministry can play in equipping and encouraging parents. I think we do a great job of being 'family friendly' in how we plan programs and such, but we really haven't done much in the way of strategically targeting parents as a ministry focus. Two books I've read and will probably recommend are this one (a little old, but pretty good) and this one. I also like the direction Jim Burns and his homeward ministry are taking (a more progressive Focus on The Family without all the political stuff to muddy the waters). What have you done to minister to parents, and what resources have you pointed them toward?

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Steve said...

We've tried to be more family friendly since the PDYM conference of '05. I went to one of Jim Burns classes on family ministry of family friendly youth ministry, not sure what it was called. This year we hosted the "Parenting Teenagers" class for our parents and parents in the community. Honestly we had a better response from the community... sadly.

We also started giving out the book "Boundaries with Teens" to the parents of our new 6th graders.

I have loved providing them with more resources... instead of just focusing on the teens, I feel like we can help our parents... which I hope and pray will prove to make healthier teens.