Love Letters

I just ordered this book. I've been told it's a 'must read'. For some reason I tend to question the legitimacy of books like this, so I hope the letters are the real deal.


Ryan said...


I own that book and have read it more than one time. It is HILARIOUS. It is the real deal, and you can tell that it is too. They are so funny - and so Jr. High. I must agree that every Jr. High teacher/worker/youth worker, etc. should own and read this book. Not to mention the memories it brings back of my own Jr. High experiences. LOL

It's great. I think you will enjoy it.

Matt McGill said...

I've not read the book, but neither have I read this one either.

please note what one person said about this: "The notebooks's contents were hush-hush letters about crushes and puppy love"

There's nothing that says "must read" like that.

I'm sure it's great.

Jeff Moulton said...

Dude - Big coincidence here. My wife was cleaning and packing the basement yesterday, when she ran across a box labeled "Student Correspondence" in her handwriting. It was taped up with packing tape, and inside was a plastic bag. In the bag were notes that she had passed and been passed in school, some as early as 6th grade! She turned 32 this year, so some of those notes are 20 years old!

I didn't ask if I was in any of them (we met the summer before her Junior year).