Our Winter Event

For the past two years we've ran an event called LIFT in place of a traditional winter camp. LIFT is really more like a convention than a camp. We hold it in a local hotel and bring in guest speakers, artists etc. We invite other junior high ministries from California, Arizona and Nevada to join us and have, in my opinion, provided a really fun experience for the students. Everything about LIFT has been fantastic except one: We can't stay on budget! We should be able to, but we can't. Even worse, we can't figure out why! So for 2007, we've decided that LIFT should partner with a fantastic ministry called Stuck In The Middle. Their primary ministry is to run conventions for young teens and they do a great job...plus they actually make money. Our arrangement with Stuck is basically that we will make sure the kids show up and they will make sure we stay on budget. We'll program the event together and blend the best stuff they do with the best stuff we do to create some sort of SUPER LIFT! We are in the very early stages of this new relationship, so I'm excited to see where it leads.

P.S. When I went to our websites I noticed that both were outdated by at least a year. Hmmm...this whole thing could be interesting!


Sean said...

I am excited! FYI, the new Stuck site should go live in late August! =)

Jason Raitz said...

Sounds like a cool partnership! I am excited for you guys.