The following is probably more therapeutic for me than it is of interest to you.

- I've got a project due for grad school by August 1st. Failure to turn it in will result in failing the class. Yes, I've procrastinated. Yes, I brought this on myself.

- I worked late last night frantically trying to finish two junior high lessons that won't be taught for a few weeks but since I'm speaking in adult services next weekend and then going to camp, I had to try to work ahead (a strategy I should have employed with school project!).

- Speaking in the adult services is a week away, but I'm already feeling the pressure. Pressure that I put on myself much more than others put on me.

- Camp is coming! I don't do a whole lot for it, but taking a bunch of kids to camp always carries a few surprises.

- I bought my wife a car today. She's always wanted a Toyota Sequoia, but there's no way we can afford a vehicle like that. That is until a friend gave us the deal of a lifetime on his 2001 that is totally loaded. My wife has her dream car and I managed to stay out of debt.

- It's my mother-in-laws birthday. We're having dinner with them tonight. She's an incredible lady and I feel blessed that in my seasons of stress, a night with my in-laws is actually something I look forward to.

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Matt McGill said...

dude. your message is going to be awesome. don't sweat it, it's harder and more important to deliver your messages in junior high. from my perspective, you're taking a week off and strolling down easy street. (of course, from my perspective, i'm strolling down a different street where I'm just sipping a cup of tea trying to be clever in your blog)