Arranged Marriage

My son, Cole, and I are going to an Angels game tonight with my friend, Ron, and his daughter. Abby is a super great little girl who is about 3 years younger than Cole. Their family has been one of our best friends for years. I'm thinking tonight could be the night Ron and I shake hands and finalize the arranged marriage.

- I will have good relationship with my son's in-laws.
- Cole won't have to go through all the dating junk.
- We can set a wedding date now and have about a dozen years to save and plan.

- Our kids will resent us.
- What do we do if they don't like each other a few years from now?
- Arranged marriages are soooo last year.
- They want 13 heads of cattle as a trade, and I only have 10.

I guess we'll just watch the game instead.


Rob C said...

Maybe you could work out a deal with Josh, and somehow get him involved in all this... perhaps trade your 10 head of cattle for his convertible...

Dave Miers said...

i think arranged marriage has a lot going for it!
don't give up.
i'm sure we can pitch in for the other 3 head!

marko said...

dude, max and i are going to the padres game tonite! we'll wave in a northerly direction.

Deneice said...

I am sooooo jealous. Although, considering I no longer live in OC anymore...I have been to three games this season. One after PDCM, one against the Giants during interleague play and one against Oakland where I was sitting so close (woo hoo ebay) I am now spoiled forever.

Stephen said...

absolutely hilarious...

and sick at the same time.

just kidding

Mike said...

I thought it was the girls family that gave up the cows.

Josh(ua) said...

That would be one way to kiss dating goodbye!

Katie said...

Ron and I can settle for 10.