I Hate Meetings

No post today because I have been in lots of meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. Lots and lots of long, boring meetings. Lots and lots of long, boring meetings that don't seem to have anything to do with youth ministry or things I care much about. I hate such meetings.

Gotta run....off to another long, boring meeting.


Scott Rubin said...

I only had 1 long boring meeting today --- but it was bad enough to count for several! What were yours about?

I'd draft Carson Palmer. Because I love him.

kurtjohnston said...

We are getting ready to move our team offices...so I spent all day today talking about the move, discussing moving procedures, being reminded that our move deadline may change, what to do in case the move deadline changes.....yuk.

Chuckk Gerwig said...

I too hate endless mindfree jesus-work free meetings and office moves , isn't this why we all got into Youth Ministry? oh maybe not.