Simple Thought #1: Organized Religion

I've decided to add a new feature that will show up once every....well, once every time I get the urge.

I'm a simple, pragmatic thinker. This serves me well for the most part, but has it's share of disadvantages. Disadvantage #1: Nobody has ever said to me, "Kurt, that was a really deep thought." Because of my pragmatic bent, I often look at somewhat deep issues and jump to super quick, pragmatic, not thought out and oftentimes totally lame assumptions or solutions. But, they seem to work for me. So, today I offer you my first 'Simple Thought' on a very complex topic.


People who are really smart use things like history, context, theology, human nature, etc. to rally against or defend organized religion. The truth is, organized religion has very few defenders these days. I don't know if I am one, but here is my very pragmatic defense of organized religion:

To me, it seems like most things function better when there is some sort of organizational effort going on. What would your education have looked like or be worth if there was no organization behind it? How about AYSO Soccer? Can you imagine trying to get from point A to point B without some sort of organized transportation system and laws? What would youth ministry look like without organization (uh...bad example)?
My point? Sure there are lots of problems with 'organized religion' but I often wonder what sort of problems we'd have if we quit trying all together.

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danny bowers said...

If by organized we mean structured design to set a process of spiritual development in action to live out the MESSAGE and see people encounter the living God, ok

If we mean organized by mud day fun at Jr High Summer Camp, fun but definately room for lots of "didn't think that one through" not so ok

Pragmatic thinkers help deep thinks surface for air...which is always good

hope the weekend is a blast kurt