A True Day Off!

Because the next couple of weeks are super crazy and won't allow me any down time, I decided to make yesterday, my day off, a TRUE day off. My idea of a true day off doesn't include crazy family plans like packing the car up for a two hour drive to the mountains for a picnic and then a hike followed by trying to feed live bears. Those types of outings only serve to leave me more tired than when we began. My idea of a true day off consists of doing a bunch of random, primarily lazy things. Thus, yesterday was a really good day off! My day:

- Slept in until about 9:00 and then laid in bed until about 10:30 watching television.

- Volunteered to drive my daughter to her friends house.

- Came home and laid in bed with Rachel and Cole until about noon.

- Drove Through McDonald's to get something for Cole and then took that to Charro Chicken.

- Walked around a used furniture consignement store.

- Went home and spent two hours cleaning nasty dog hair out of the used car we just bought.

- Hung out with the family until about 7:00.

- Went to see Miami Vice with some friends (I liked it....for what it was).

- Came home and spent some alone time with God.

- Fell asleep.

- Had a dream in which I had 'Taylor Hicks' hair.


Congrats Kurt said...

Hey kurt...

I'm currently on the rare thing that a youth minister gets...vacation. I'm glad that you had a good break. Good luck with that Taylor Hicks dream (awkward)

joshua michael said...

Hey Kurt Check out this link.

Taylor has something to tell you.

kurt johnston said...

Joshua michael....Too funny!