Is It Even Possible?

Today, my professor challenged us to create FOUR core beliefs, or life values. These values are to be what define us...what we would die to defend...what we live by. Is it even possible to narrow it down to four? Here is my first, but certainly not my final, attempt.

My Four:
1) Because of Christ, I am a friend of God and loved by him.
2) I am blessed so I can bless others.
3) I want to be a man who can be trusted.
4) My attitude determines my altitude.

Oh...I just thought of a new list:

1) Faith is First
2) Family is next
3) Friendship is next
4) Everything else is next

Nah...too simplistic. This is tough!


Maggie said...

Kurt, I’ll take a run at it:
Reflect Christ in all that you do,
Introduce others to God,
Pray unceasingly,
Love like there’s no tomorrow.

What a great exercise. Now if I could just do these things...


Matt McGill said...

it's tough to look inside and figure out what really should be important...and how we sometimes miss the mark...it's easier to just be ignorant of who we are...I say, way to go! even though that sounds (reads) kind of lame...mine:

I want to keep my priorities straight: God, Family, friends, ministry...
I want to know God
I want to live wisely
I want to help others grow (closer to God, in wisdom, etc.)

but I agree with the "too simplistic" ... If I were honest with how I live and choose to interact with others...

consistancy and objectivity are supreme
say the tough thing even if they might not like you
laugh a ton, we all idiots
i don't really see myself as an idiot when i should (which translates into being condescending toward others...)

ok....this is getting too personal, so I'm going to quit!

you're the man Kurt!