Out of the Office, but back into 'The Office'

Today will be a great day! I'm sneaking out of the office early to play a round of golf. A local course allows you to play for free on your birthday and while it's not my birthday today, it is Matt Hall's. Matt and I work together on our junior high team and play golf together when we get the chance.

So, I'm out of the office a little early, but back into 'The Office' tonight when season 3 kicks off! The Office has become my 2nd favorite t.v. show (just behind 24), which isn't saying a whole lot since I only watch 3 or 4 shows. We are combining a birthday party for Matt with the season premier and having an Office Party at another friend's house.

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Jordan said...

Kurt you are an inspiration to all of us in youth ministry, and that you also love the Office that certainly makes you the man.