Simple Thought #3: Pastor or Leader?

The topic of leadership is so 'in' right now. This section of local bookstores seems to be growing faster than any other. I should know, because I frequent it way too frequently. I do so because I'm fascinated with leadership. My entire ministry career has been spent in larger 'mega-church' settings that have all put an emphasis on the importance of leadership. Before coming to Saddleback, I served in San Diego on John Maxwell's team (it doesn't get a whole lot more leadershippy than that!).

The topic of leadership in the local church is a BIG one. Here's my very simple thought:

I want to experience joy and fulfillment in my role and calling of being a Pastor. It seems like being a 'Pastor' has lost it's mojo in recent years because the role of being a 'leader' has crept in and stolen it. I'm called to be a Pastor first. If I was called to be a leader first, I'd certainly live that calling out in a higher paying and less stressful environment. I'd look for one of those corporate jobs that has a massive pay-out clause when I get canned. But I'm called to be a Pastor and the local church is where that happens best.

Sure I want to be a better leader along the way, but maybe I need to step away from the leadership isle of the bookstore and into the pastoral isle every now and then...if I can stil find it.


James said...

Post some about what your team learned while hanging out with the guys over at Willow. What are some of the things your taking home? Prinicples? Values? Lay it all out for us.

Dana Kidder said...

excellent post. thanks.

Dennis said...

You mean there's a pastoral section in the bookstore?

kurt johnston said...

Dennis...I'm thinking there would be in a Christian book store! At least I hope so.

James...I need to let my mind unpack it all, then I'll post about it.

bethany boring said...

My heart has been resting on that simple thought for a few weeks now and it took one of my junior high guys to unpack everything for me over a DQ Blizzard. He was telling me about a few recent situations at school...he was simply trying to carry his Bible through school and it's costing him so much. Then he said it..."I guess you kinda lead by your love for God. But your love for God is like the only way you can lead, right?" Okay...this deep of a thought from an eighth grade guy totally took me (and the other students) by surprise...I even dropped my spoon filled with Recees Cup blizzard on the floor...it was sweet!

He hit the nail on the head...our passion for God leads us in youth ministry. Our actions have the ability to lead others. In a way, our role as a pastor is both protective and guiding (both intertwined with leadership as well). I'm being taught by my students...this is so awesome!