So Far...SOOOO Fun.

I'm having a GREAT time so far on my visit to Willow Creek. The junior high team has been 100% accomadating. They gave our team a tour, they've spent TONS of time working us through their systems, processes etc. I really feel like we have been given a great 'behind the scenes look' at their middle school ministry. Yesterday afternoon, they borrowed a couple of ski boats and a wave runner and took us out on the Fox River for some wakeboarding. In addition to wakeboarding, they also had one of these and one of these. I tried them both and actually had a suprising amount of success. The wake surfer was the toughest because I could never really find the 'sweet spot' that allowed me to let go of the rope and stay one the wake/wave for more than 10 seconds or so without getting left behind.

In a few hours we'll go to the first of all three weekend programs...we'll watch one from behind the scenes and one from the crowd with the students. I'm sure we'll also sneak into the adult service because Hybels is teaching this weekend.

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