Creativity 101

I'm of the opinnion that most people are more creative than they think they are. My only real evidence of this is the fact that all of us used to be 5 years old and I've never seen a non-creative 5 year old. Somewhere along the line, many of us 'grow up' and outgrow our creativity because it isn't as well accepted in a grown up world. Over time, we forget how to be creative and begin to believe the myth that we aren't.

I stumbled across this website the other day and thought it had some pretty good reminders about creativity and some exercises to get the juices flowing.

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David Mckiever said...

Hello Kurt,

I came accross your blog and wanted to post a comment about creativity. As a musician/writer, I have been trying for years to help kids become more creative musically. I have found that while many children take music lessons, many do not experiment on their own, make their own sounds. Many friends and aquaintances I have come across who used to play instruments and eventually gave up, confided that this was true with them. For me, music was and is an important release, a form of therapy if you will. It seems that for many, playing an instrument was more of an exercise in discipline than a way to express ideas and feelings. I am here to say that whether someone is 5 or 95, creativity is not only necessary but within everyone's grasp. I have developed animated characters called the Wudds designed to motivate kids (mainly between ages 5 to 10) to be musically creative and I am describing my journey with them at my blog. You can read all about them at www.thewudds.blogspot.com My website also has clips of music that your children will likely enjoy. If you have iTunes just search for "the wudds." Thank you for letting me share my comments and thank you bringing up the subject.