Friday Night Lights...On Tuesdays.

I am a lover of just about all things football. So, I was excited to see they were making a television series based around the movie, Friday Night Lights. I loved the movie and was, originally, really looking forward to the t.v. show. But, there are two things that are beginning to trouble me.

1) Based on the previews, it looks like the show could stray too far from the gridiron action. It looks like it may be just another teen t.v. show in a football setting. If that's the case, I won't last long.

2) It's on Tuesday nights. How can a show called 'Friday Night Lights' air on Tuesday? I'm already confused and I'm not smart enough to remember that a show with Friday in the title is on Tuesday.


Dave said...

I was sharing with a friend this same observation - that it should be on Friday nights. My friend said that wouldn't work...everyone will be out watching H.S. football that night instead of watching the show. Good point.

I also fear it will become just another "One Tree Hill" and/or "The O.C." - lots of teenage angst and little that actually revolves around football. Not that there is anything wrong with teenage angst - I have lots of it living in my home!

Deneice said...

This week it is also on three times.

I think iof they actually showed it on Fridays it could tank. Fridays is not a good TV night because people are often out.

Scott said...

OK - I just watched Friday Night Lights. It was better than I thought.. but I'm not sure what I think... other than I will now have to watch it NEXT week. So that says something.

Deneice said...

I missed it last night and am watching it online right now. I love it!

Eric Putman said...

Its about Texas high school football. It should be on everyday of the week.

Kurt Johnston said...

...and in Texas, since there's nothing else to do, they would probably watch it every night of the week!