Our student ministry team worked like crazy last week to get ready to move our offices only to find out that while we had to be out of our workspace by Friday morning, we didn't have the proper permits to allow us to occupy our new space. This means that for the next week or two...or three we will be nomads; moving from space to space. We'll sit in an open cube, we'll borrow an office, we'll work from Starbucks (nothing new there for me...) but we won't have access to most of our 'stuff' because it's all boxed up and waiting for us in our new work space. I actually think it may be kinda fun for a week, but if we are displaced for much longer I can see things starting to get ugly.

In anticipation of my grumbling, I've already begun to work on a list of reasons I'm thankful I get to minister where I do.

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