The Office Season 3

There have been very few shows that my wife and I look forward to watching together, but The Office is one of them. I think the first two seasons were two of the funniest on television in a really long time. But for some reason Season 3 feels like it's missing the mark. If you watch the office:

A) Is this season actually worse?
B) Is this season just as good as the previous two, but maybe I'm getting used to the 'schtick'?
C) Am I out of my mind? This is the best season yet!


Joshua Griffin said...

A - not nearly as good. Still funny, still good, BUT ...


Mike Lovato said...

Hmm, I'm with you. So far I'd been a little disappointed this season. I think it's mostly because Jim's out of the office. But this week's had some good stuff.....starting to bring in some good humor from Jim's new office (in fact, it may be funnier than the original at the moment) and Dwight had some good stuff this week too. I think Jim and Pam provide some of the funniest stuff on The Office so they need to transfer him back so they can fall in love, get married, and make funny babies.

RJ said...

A) I don't think it is quite as good, but I still enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the bird episode, with the coffin and the recorder...other than that I am hoping it really starts to pick up.

"Here Comes Treble" said...

I think it is right on par with the other seasons... maybe even more brilliant.
Jim's office adds a new dimension, and the more you know the original characters the funnier they are.
The difference I see is less "awkward moments that make you whince". I think that's where you are being let down.
The end.

.justin holzgrove said...

i think it may be the mix of new characters at Jim's new office, and the lack of the weekly dwight/jim and pam/jim relationships.

jan has gotten A LOT of airtime lately, as has Jim's new office buddies and Ryan the Temp. Since BJ Novak is doing a lot of writing, i'm not suprised at that.

things are a little bit different, but still one of the best shows on TV.

now this past week's LOST [305]... horrible.

absolutely horrible.

Rhonda said...

There is too much of Dwight!! His character is a bit more prevalent this season, and I don't know that it's a good thing. All Hail Grey's Anatomy!

puddles said...

Kurt, have you lost your bald mind?

I think it is right up there if not better than the other seasons.
Dwight character is brilliant, the people who now work with Jim are hillarious, and so far there has not been too much romantic stuff with Jim and Pam.

Josh said...

A - It keeps missing the mark. I'm not home on Thursday night so I DVR it and I find myself taking longer and longer to go back and watch it. I still haven't watched last weeks.

beaNie said...

Of the above, A. But I feel like they're setting up for something HUGE.
But they have been doing the cut to characters thing a lot less. I miss that.

Anonymous said...

This is why the british one stopped after 2 seasons. Its bound to get worse.

However, it is funny how they are making fun of themselves by showing how ridiculous Jim's antics are in a real office setting.

Katie E said...

First two episiodes...Brilliant and Quotable...the last couple...not so much.