GREAT Story #2

The second fun junior high ministry story of the weekend is actually the setting of Jaime's golf cart story....our small group frisbee golf tournament.

Each year we host a big frisbee golf tournament for our small groups. We actually have several permanent 'baskets' on our property and have bought a few more portable ones so we have a nine hole course for this event.

My responsibility for the event was to sit at the Tee Box of one hole all day long. When teams came to my hole, I would give them a proposition: Before they saw my throw, they could agree to let me throw my disc on behalf of everybody on their team. After my throw, they would all run to that spot and then each person would throw their second shot, third shot etc. Every team took me up on my offer because most teams were made up of kids who really couldn't throw a frisbee too far, so getting some extra distance on one hole was a good thing.

The second-to-last group to come my way was an 8th grade girls group that was TERRIBLE! They were having fun, but frisbee golf just wasn't their spiritual gift. They quickly took me up on my offer and I lined up for my throw. The basket for this hole was about 100 yards straight ahead but protected by a few trees lining the left side. Up to that point I hadn't really gotten a shot very close to the hole and, actually, had tossed a couple pretty bad shots that may have done more harm than good for the kids on those teams (remember, if you said 'yes' to my proposition, you HAD to take my shot no matter where it landed). The girls were chearing for me as I threw the disc. It took off looking really good. About half-way there, somebody said 'that could go in!' As it passed the trees, my disc took a gentle turn left and dropped right into the basket. It was amazing....the girls were running around screaming, I was running around screaming. Every girl on the team got to record a hole-in-one for that hole. Very fun.

The funniest part of the story is that I'm really pretty poor at frisbee golf....but those girls will never know it!


Rob C said...

Best. Story. Today.

I'm glad to know there's a spiritual gift of frisbee golf. I don't think I have it. I'm quite certain I don't have the spiritual gift of basketball.

Vic (Losey) said...

While I didn't see it go in the basket, I heard it. Nothing like the sound of a well placed frisbee golf shot.

I was taking pictures of the event and grew tired of watching Kurt sail his tosses far right, short, far left and some what close. I turned away to take a picture of the group coming up to the tee box and I hear...chink! SCREEEEEAAAAAMMMMM! that was Kurt. The girls where pretty excited also.

puddles said...

What? Hole in One? Thats awesome. What hole was it on? Was in one of the regulars? I need details here.

Kurt Johnston said...

Puddles...It was The 'Sunday #2 Hole'. Remember when we would play inbetween services? It was number two that started at the edge of the parking lot and shot across the creek. Plus, I was using an official disc NOT a wildside one.

Jeff said...

Nice story. - It's kind of random how I came across your site. If you'll allow, I'll pass along a super fun activity for your church group. Our group has come up with a number of games using the Flashflight light up Frisbee. I'm amazed at their inhibitions after dark. So positive. Everyone has a bit more fun throwing and have been more engaged with each other. We even have two disc golf baskets with lights in them so the kids can target practice.

Anyway, somewhat relevant to your blog post.


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