Wekend Wrap Up

I was at Y.S. over the weekend so I don't have all the information to plug into my normal weekend wrap up template. I talked to some of the people on my team and they said it was a really good, but busy weekend.

Some of the things that helped make the weekend busier than normal:

- we had a ministry fair as part of the weekend program
- we had a special offering as part of our building campaign kick-off
- we had our monthly student leadership program after Saturday night's program
- we had our monthly 'Route 101' (new believers/baptism/what's church all about) class on Sunday

Kayla, my 7th grade daughter, had a pretty busy weekend herself:
- She participated in a 30-hour Famine program hosted at a friend's church Fri-Sat.
- She went to student leadership on Saturday night
- She went to the junior high program on Sunday morning
- She went to the Route 101 class on Sunday afternoon
- She went to a meeting for a missions trip to Kenya on Sunday afternoon (yikes, my little girl is going to Kenya without mom and dad!).

All in all....not a bad weekend for me to be away! :)

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Judy Gregory said...

Can you give us a few words on how you run your monthly student leadership meeting (who is invited, expectations, what do you teach, etc.) Forgive me if you covered that in a previous post, in which case you can send me there.

Also, about 7th graders going to Kenya...I love it! At the gathering, Doug talked about it and it sounded AMAZING! I'm sure it's a part of a local and global plan to get kids interested in serving and missions, but are you getting negative feedback from parents? If you need any extra female leaders, Kurt I am so there for ya:)