Y.S., Family, and Other Random Stuff

I'm heading out this afternoon to the Youth Specialties convention in Anaheim. Since this one is only 30 minutes up the road, my family is going to come along and hang out for most of the weekend. My daughter is on the junior high worship team and they have been asked to sing in all six adult worship services this weekend, so she'll head home a bit early.

For the past 20 years I've watched junior high kids live extremely busy lives from a distance but now I'm experiencing it first-hand. It's actually been somewhat fun because the vast majority of her business comes from youth group stuff, so it's kinda hard to complain!

I got a new car recently (not new, but new to me) and I'm already having car trouble. I've decided that I am the undisputed king of car trouble. I think it's just in need of a new battery which won't be too expensive or tough to replace.

Day two of our 'nobody has an office' experiment is in full swing. So far, so good. I'm posting this from my cubicle but will likely head over to the 'surf room' in a couple of minutes to get some real work done.


Jim Gamas said...

Take some picture of the new themed office, we would love to see them.

Jim Gamas

Pat said...

As the king of Car troubles once said:
And that my friend is how you get a great deal.
(Mitsubishi Van,circa 1998)

Kurt Johnston said...

"As the king of Car troubles once said:
And that my friend is how you get a great deal.
(Mitsubishi Van,circa 1998)"

HA! You got me there.

Hope the family is doing well.

Paul said...

what is up with the "nobody has an office" thing? Construction? Just for fun?

Kurt Johnston said...

Paul, we just moved into new office space. Because we have more people than we have offices for I decided that none of us would have a formal office. Instead, we all have our own cubicle plus we can jump into any one of the 'team offices' for as long as we want. It's just a way to try to give us all some office space from time to time since in the other paradigm most people wouldn't have one of their own.

Katie E said...

Maybe the Lord is telling you to buy a NEW new car...liek an FJ Cruiser. Just a thought....new cars work better.