An Interesting Discussion

Not too long ago, I suddenly realized that it had been quite a while since I shared the gospel , or had any real spiritual conversation, with a non-believer outside the walls of my church. Now, the people in my neighborhood all know I'm a Pastor and we've had lots of talks at different times, but I was suddenly uncomfortable with how comfortable I have become.

Tuesday, I had to hang out at the house for a couple hours because Rachel was running errands and we had an appointment with the washing machine repair man. As I was doing some writing in the living room, I heard a knock at the door. I was expecting the washing machine repair man and this would probably be a better story if it was, indeed, him and I led him to Christ while he fixed my washing machine. But no...It was a super friendly and charismatic Jehovah’s Witness wanting to know my thoughts on "why Christianity was failing...". I suddenly decided this was a good time to brush up on what I like to call 'Apologetics wrapped in love'. Without thinking, I invited him into my home, poured him a glass of ice water and engaged in a 90 minute discussion of faith, Christianity, Saddleback church, Rick Warren and, of course....The deity of Jesus Christ and the concept of the trinity. We challenged each other, we argued and we laughed. We laughed a LOT!

I am not a converted Jehovah’s Witness and my new friend is not a converted Christ follower (although he does call himself a Christian). But it was a fantastic reminder that I am a believer in Jesus first and a Pastor second. As such, I'm expected to be salt and light in a lost world...not just within the walls of my church and at youth ministry training events.


Phil said...

That's awesome. Many times I get so caught up with "ministry" inside the church - I forget I have to let my light shine for the whole world!

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