Favorites of '06

As we head into '07, I thought I'd make a super short list of some of my favorite things from the last year.

FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: As always, John 10:10
FAVORITE FAMILY OUTING: Dirt bike riding...it's the only thing we all enjoy.
FAVORITE MOVIE: 007 Casino Royale (not the best movie of the year, but probably my favorite for pure entertainment.)
FAVORITE YOUTH GROUP ACTIVITY: Boys Dodge ball tournament, Dodge City
FAVORITE STUDENT MOMENT: Watching Steven, a handicapped boy in a wheel chair, go to summer camp, join our student leadership team and find his 'niche' in our ministry
FAVORITE FRIEND MOMENT: Scott and his family visiting us for 4 days last summer
FAVORITE BOOK: The Starfish and The Spider
FAVORITE KAYLA MOMENT: Watching her navigate 7th grade
FAVORITE COLE MOMENT: Listening to him play his first song on the guitar
FAVORITE RACHEL MOMENT: Every morning waking up with her by my side

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