Ministry Mutiny

I'm beginning to read Greg Steir's new book for a few reasons:

1) I really like Greg. I love his passion for evangelism and his dedication to helping students learn to confidently share their faith.

2) I think the title is fantastic.

3) I love this popular, parable-style, book. Books like 'Who Moved My Cheese', 'Fish' etc. are always attractive to me. This is the first youth ministry book I've seen written in this format...unless I've missed others.

4) I think the website for the book is great. I know it's just a marketing ploy, but it made me want the book!

5) I downloaded the first half of chapter one from the website and got hooked.

6) He was kind enough to send me a free copy!

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Evan M said...

It's a great book! Got a free copy at NYWC - Really takes the biblical purposes to the next level. Enjoy!