Blogger Trouble

For some reason, I'm having all kinds of trouble with my switch to the 'New Blogger'. One problem is that most of my recent posts are showing up dated February 8 which causes them to show up down the page a bit instead of at the top...weird.

Second, I've had all kinds of trouble with the comments feature. It allows comments, then it doesn't, then it does...strange.

Finally, it tweaked around with my template and I'm having a hard time getting my old look back...freaky.

Josh Griffin usually helps me figure all this stuff out so I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of it soon!


Josh(ua) Treece said...

Hey Boss. OK, I had this same trouble. THe thing is, when you make the switch to the new version, your template switches from HTML code to a newer drag and drop type of code. HTML is way easier to customize and Blogger allows you to switch back. The only thing is that if you switch back you can't access some of their newer features like labels for your posts and the new super easy way to make links and stuff. HTML is also way easier to tweak with pictures and stuff. I'm on the new version, but I switched back to HTML. I can help a little too if you can't reach Griff. Lemme know. See you soon!

Mike King said...

Hey Kurt,

You want to connect at Willow? Seems like I have a steak due me...



Anonymous said...

For sure! The only evening I'm actually available is Wednesday night because I get in late Tuesday and leave before dinner on Thursday. I could also do a lunch????? what's your preference?

Kurt Johnston said...

Sorry, Mike I hit the wrong button. That last comment was from me.

JG said...

Kurt, I've tweaked this template some more, put in your surfer guys header and cleaned up the presentation a bit. What do you think?