Embarrasing Moment

This morning was the annual 'dad's day' at my Kayla and Cole's school. Each year, before we are released to spend some time in the classes with our kids, all the dads are asked to gather in the auditorium for about 20 minutes to hear from the administration, to hear about opportunities for involvement with the school etc. They inevetably end up recognizing a few guys for their various contributions.

I have made no contributions...none. In fact, I am running a contribution deficit because I had agreed to speak in three of the junior high chapels this year and I have backed out of all three!

I am well aware that I have made absolutely zero contributions to the school.

At the end of the program, the elementary principal (our school is k-8 grades) grabbed the mic and announced, "I'd now like to recognize three dads who have contributed in some small ways to help make this year a great one.... These dads have NO IDEA I'm about to call their name, but when I do would they please hustle up to the front." He then called three names one of which was Mr. Kurt Johnson. Now, I know that my real name is Johnston with a 't' but most people mispronounce it. When I heard my name called I instantly thought, 'That's weird, I have done absolutely nothing to deserve this....but what the heck!' I then hustled to the stage only to be met by an awkward look on the principal's face and three other men....one of which was the real Kurt Johnson....with no 't'.

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