The So Cal Connection

The So Cal Connection is a group of full-time middle school and junior high youth pastors from LA to San Diego who get together twice a year to hang out, talk shop and share ideas. Yesterday, we met at Mariners Church and dedicated the entire day to simply sharing practical, useful ideas that are working in our ministries. There was a TON of great stuff shared and it served as an incredible reminder that God really is doing some exciting stuff in our churches. I really liked one teaching series idea that was shared by Ryan Nielsen and thought I'd pass it along.

He recently taught a series called "The Law Of" Some of his lessons included:
The Law of The Crock Pot (Some of the best things in life take time....)

The Law of The Toothpaste Tube(Once you say or do something, you really can't undo it...sorta like forcing toothpaste back into the tube...)

The Law of The Diaper (Change is a necessity...)

I thought this was a super juniorhigh-friendly series. In fact, I can't wait to find room in our teaching schedule to do it ourselves.


Eric Wakeling said...

I miss going to that. Those were good times at Mariners, RHCC, YLFC and Shadow Mountain, etc, but then I became a traitor and left JH Ministry to become a Student Ministries Pastor. I apologize. I am a bad person. I still love Junior Highers best! I always will.

Kurt Johnston said...

I think can be such a good thing when JH ministry loses guys to the 'student ministry' role because it's important to have people in your position who have a heart for JH ministry and young teen issues. You still get to 'love junior highers best', just from a new platform.

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