Things I've Learned Over The Past 5 Days

I arrived in Indy for the conference last Wednesday and have learned a lot the past 5 days. Here are a few of my deeper learnings:

- 5 days is WAY too long to be away from my family! I travel a fair amount for this or that, but I'm rarely gone more than a couple of days. Wow, I really miss them.

- Virtually every guy on Saddleback's student ministries team has a 'soul patch'. I've never really noticed this, but it was pointed out by several different people I met at the conference. I'd shave mine, but it's just about the only hair I have left.

- Until now, I have had no idea what cold really is. It's been around 3 degrees every night. I remember going snow boarding at night a couple of times in temperatures around 20 degrees or so and thinking how cold that was. Silly California boy!

- Most youth workers are simply in need of some hope and some help. All the deep theological stuff is fine, but for the average youth worker some encouragement and some practical tools are bigger needs.

- 'No Ringy....No Dingy!' Lakita Garth's catchy phrase for abstinence. I'm telling you....after five days away from my wife I'm very glad I have a ringy!

- I am officially done with trying to be cool. I don't know what that means, exactly, but at 41 and having been at yet another youth worker event filled with twenty somethings who truly are cool, I think my time of trying is over.

- I am more in love with Jesus, more humbled by his grace, more called to junior high ministry, more thankful for my ministry friends and more excited about the future than ever before.

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