Weekend Wrap Up

It was a unordinary weekend, so I won't have the ordinary wrap up today.

First, It was our winter camp weekend so our junior high department headed up to Thousand Pines. We joined three other churches, all of which are led by guys who have served with me at Saddleback at some point. It was a fantastic weekend...there was actually quite a bit of snow on the ground....which for our So. Cal. kids is a big deal.

Second, Jason Pogue, one of our key volunteers stayed back and led the weekend services at church. as usual, when he fills in for us the weekend doesn't skip a beat. His lesson was on 'You Are A Masterpiec'. The whole time he spoke he had an artist on stage painting a picture. Very cool.

Third, I wasn't at church or at camp. For the first time ever, I missed on of our camps (I did miss a Mexico Mission trip once, but that's a story for a different time). One of my best friends, who is a youth pastor in Carlsbad (beautiful beach community about 30 minutes south), was speaking in the adult services and I wanted a chance to hear him. That, combined with the fact that I was late with my book deadline with Marko, made it seem okay to escape for a personal retreat of writing and going to my friend's church. I was glad I did. His message was fantastic (he's one of the most creative communicators I've ever heard) and I was able to finish my portion of the books and send them in.

Next weekend things will return to normal as we kick off a new series: STUFF


Tony Steward said...

Jason did an awesome job speaking and organizing the whole team this weekend!

Mike Lovato said...

Oh please post the Mexico story soon....that's an awesome story.