Me Likey This CD

I realize that this may simply be because I'm buddies with Brandon and that I think he's a great person, musician and junior high youth minister (he leads worship for Willow's middle school ministry), but his new CD is what I'm finding myself listening to more than anything else right now. I know I mentioned it briefly as part of another post a few weeks ago, but it really is good! Brandon wrote every song but one, so you won't recognize 'em but I think the vast majority are songs that translate really well to a junior high ministry setting.

My three favorite songs on the CD:
1) He Made a Way
2) Father of Glory
3) You Are The Same (Scattered Around)

My least favorite song:
Dancing Generation (the one song he didn't write!)

You can purchase it through the willow creek association, Amazon or at simply junior high.


J Raitz said...

I couldn't agree any more! I really like..."I am Loved".

Rhona said...

Good words.