"Flat You" Day This Thursday

On Easter Sunday, my daughter Kayla thought it would be fun to make a 'Flat Stanley' and take him with us on our various festivities. A friend of hers read her blog post about it and, together, they decided to make Thursday 'Flat You' day.

Here's how it works: just draw and color a little, flat 'you' and take him with you Thursday taking pictures at your various locales. Then post them on your blog Thursday night.

I'm going to Mexico Thursday, and I'm taking my 'Flat Me' along! I won't be able to post my adventures until Friday afternoon. If you or somebody you know wants to participate just reply in a comment so we know to check your blog for pictures.

That's a picture of 'flat me' all ready for his trip to Mexico.


kaylarayla said...

You have six fingers on your right hand?

Estupi├▒an...with a ├▒ said...

okay, i am so so excited. Check my blog for photos!!
Bring your Flat to church Saturday, so we can take pictures!!
We even got annie and Alice to join us in this flat adventure!!!

this is going to be amazing!!

Mike Losey said...

'Flat Kurt' has more hair than 'Non-Flat Kurt'.

P-Rob said...

man, i woulda done that today, if i had only checked ur blog earlier than now. oh well. maybe i'll do a flat friday. or flat sunday.