Random Randomness

A few thoughts and happenings from my Thursday:

- Played an early round of golf this morning. Had a decent round, but stuck my hand in some kind of wild shrubbery looking for a ball and my arm from elbow to wrist began burning and stinging instantly. Three hours later, it still hurts.

- We're kicking off a three week missions series this weekend (which is what got my mind going yesterday...). I'm not teaching at all for three weeks, which feels really weird, but kinda nice.

-I drink lots and lots of sweet tea from Chic-Fil-A (I have one on my desk right now). It's interesting to me that no two batches taste exactly the same. Fries always taste the same, chicken sandwiches always taste the same, but something as basic as sweet tea seems to vary quite a bit.

- Not sure how, or if, to address the Virginia Tech incident this weekend. On one hand, it feels like it will be old news by Saturday, but on the other hand I'm sure some kids haven't talked about it with anybody and would welcome the opportunity.


Pastormarkee said...

Don't know if this can help but I'm useing some of your 411 - touch times stuff to help talk this through with my kids tonight.

Brent said...

Sweet Tea is awesome. Another opening soon - you should come this time.

Kurt said...

Dude Chic-Fil-A is soooo awesome, I wish they had them up here in Portland. Have you ever visited the Portland area? If not you should totally come up here and encourage us NorthWest Youth Pastors

Eric Wakeling said...

that sweet tea stuff will kill you. way too much sugar.

erik w/a "k" said...

- ok, the burning...could be from sticking your hand where it shouldn't be, or God punishing you for the lie of having "a decent round."

- good for you for getting a little time off. want me to fill in?

- i saw a "dateline-type" of expose in Atlanta years ago on tea at restaurants in Atlanta. They found that 80-80% of the tea had some sort of rat fecal remnants in it. ouch! so it may be varying amounts of rat poo. (wish I had chic-fil-a here!!!)

- congrats on that list ;)