- I'm re-reading The Primal Teen by Barbara Strauch. If you work with teenagers you really do need to read this book that takes a look at new discoveries about the teenage brain.

- Heading down to Mexico for the day tomorrow to meet with the Pastor of the church we are partnering with. Hopefully we'll be back before dinner.

- This weekend we are co-hosting The Promise with our women's ministry team. The Promise is a two day event for moms and their teenage daughters. I'm sitting on a panel to help mom's learn more about young teen culture.

- We are kicking off our sex and dating series this weekend (Exposed...the naked truth about sex and dating). It's going to be interesting because my daughter will be in the crowd. We've had all sorts of talks about the subject, but I do think it will be a bit awkward for her to here her dad talking about sex to all of her friends.

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Joel Diaz said...

I am currently reading through this book for the first time. Amazing stuff! This is a definite must read for any youth worker who wants to try to understand the teenage brain from a scientific stand point.