What A Difference A Buck Makes

I don't usually post on the weekends, but several people have asked me to post the 25 ideas we gave students along with their dollar bill a couple weeks ago. This list was stapled to the dollar that we handed each student as they left church.

1. Buy a can (or two) of soup for a hungry person in Orange County.
2. Buy a cake mix and bake a cake for your bus driver or teacher.
3. Get your neighbor an air freshener for his car.
4. Buy a bottle of water (or two) for the local gardeners.
5. Buy a double-cheeseburger and give it to a homeless person.
6. Give it to someone who doesn’t usually receive tips (mailman, substitute teacher).
7. Drop it in the tip jar at your favorite coffee place.
8. Buy cookies for the stranger behind you in the school lunch line.
9. Exchange it for quarters and pay for loads of laundry at the local laundromat.
10. Buy a donut for a Wildside volunteer.
11. Buy a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and clean your kitchen.
12. Buy your mom her favorite candy bar.
13. Combine it with $3 in your wallet and pay for a movie rental for your neighbor.
14. Pay the toll for the car behind you on the toll road.
15. Offer to pay the postage for someone mailing a letter.
16. Add it to the tip the next time you eat at a restaurant.
17. Buy a bagel for your little brother or sister.
18. Buy a package of pens or pencils and donate to a school in Africa.
19. “Gift a song” on i-Tunes to a friend.
20. Give your teammate a pack of gum, for no reason.
21. Buy $1 worth of Top Ramen (about 20 packages) and donate them to a food bank.
22. Drop it in the offering at Wildside.
23. Buy your dad his favorite soda.
24. Buy a bottle of window cleaner and wash your carpool’s car windows.
25. Pay for someone’s topping at Golden Spoon.


mainerrr said...

i have always thought about that toll road idea but never acted on it

i think i will next time i go on the toll road

Rob said...


Love your stuff....and we bought and used your Exposed stuff for a recent series....now I'm stealing again with this idea to use with them this week and tying it to the theme of "Heroes"...love the concept.....reminds me of "Pay It Forward"...a little gesture can start a big change. Thanks for sharing your ideas!