Retreat Highlights

Our junior high and high school teams plus spouses returned yesterday from a fantastic four day retreat. A few highlights:

- The realization that over 1/3 of our team has been with us for less than 2 years.
- Our PDYM quiz (very interesting to see the rookies on the team do so well!).
- Working through the 'Elements' that make up our team culture.
- Playing 'speed frisbee' in the pool (that's not the name we all call it....but I don't think we call it by any name).
- A massive bowl of delicious guacamole.
- Getting to know our newest team members a little bit better.
- Beating Matt Hall at golf (a rare occurrence).
- Riding the elevator with Hulk Hogan's wife and daughter.
- Waiting 2.5 hours for food at Red Robin (really more like a low light).
- Lots laughs, lots of great conversation and lots of relaxation.


Mariah and John said...

I miss speed frisbee. Last year was the inagural season. What was the record this year?

Kurt Johnston said...

I think it was 29

Steve's Cycle Trips & more... said...

I'm courious about the PDYM quiz. Is there a way to see this?

Kurt Johnston said...

Our intern director ran this part and it was really fun. We made it a verbal, trivia style, quiz with a prize for the first person to answer each question. We just went through the book and listed about 20 of the 'biggies' like:

-Name our five potential audiences
-Quote our purpose statement
-What is the formula for coming up with our programs.


Phil said...

man, I wish I would have read the blog earlier I could have given you some heads up on all the good places to eat out here!

...you guys got out just in time our forcast for the 4th of july is 121 degrees!

why do I live here?

Kurt Johnston said...

Can human beings even survive in 121 degree heat? CRAZY!!!!