Shuffle It Up

A while back I was tagged to list the first 5 songs on my iPod when I hit shuffle. Today, I was tagged by Stacy to list the first 15. No cheating allowed! However, I do need to make this disclaimer: I get a good portion of my music from my daughter so that may explain some of what you see!

1. Eaten By The Monster of Love: Sparks
2. Surrender: Cheap Trick
3. Enough: Chris Tomlin
4. U Got The Look: Prince
5. Hear Me: Kelly Clarkson
6. Behind These Hazel Eyes: Kelly Clarkson
7. Pour Out My Heart: Everybody Duck
8. Photograph: Nickleback
9. Girlfriend: Avril Lavigne
10. 100 Years: Five for Fighting
11. Ring of Fire: Johny Cash
12. I Could Be Happy: Altered Images
13. Don't Stand So Close to Me: The Police
14. Something Beautiful: Natalie Grant

Let's see....I'll tag Kayla (we'll see how many of our songs are the same....), Brent, and John.


Karl Fisher said...

I don't know Kurt, something tells me that you're a closet Avril fan.

'neice said...

Wow! I LOVED Everybody Duck...kinda forgot about them! Good taste, Kurt!

rhonda said...

James and I are so disappointed in the presence of Nickleback in your music catalog!!