Weekend Wrap Up

This is a tale of two days happening simultaneously. The usual weekend junior high festivities mingle with a comedy of Kurt Johnston errors.

Junior high festivities went great: A solid weekend (low attendance), followed by a fun family picnic.

The personal saga that was running parallel was a different story told in three chapters:

Chapter 1: OUCH!
In between our two Sunday morning services, I was climbing high about the ground in our JH storage area (a gated, fenced, enclosed area) and as I was climbing down, I decided to push off and jump backward the rest of the way like you down when climbing down a fence. All was fine until my butt landed on the corner of a piece of plywood sticking out from where it was being stored. I completely ripped the entire left side of my pants and my butt was totally exposed and there was a foot long gash running all the way up! To say it hurt would be an understatement. When my buddy, Matt Hall, looked at to "ASSes" the damage, he broke down laughing like a little baby. Today, my butt is swollen and sore.

Chapter 2: LOST!
After church, I was shopping for the picnic and put my Cell phone in a nifty little tray in the shopping cart created just for such items. Of course I left it there and didn't realize it till several hours later. I called the store and they hadn't seen it.

Chapter 3: DANG!
I got to the park with a truckload of supplies only to find the parking lot completely packed due to a soccer tourney. I decided to back into a handicapped spot just long enough to unload the gear so I could avoid lugging it too far. As I was unloading, a policeman came up and starting writing a ticket! I tried to explain that I wasn't 'Parked' in a handicap spot but was just 'unloading' he told me there is zero tolerance and proceeded to write me a $275.00 ticket!

But now I'm in Phoenix for two days of golf with friends so all is well. As long as my butt lets me swing a golf club.


sean said...

Dude...that is a seriously bad day! I know I shouldn't laugh at your suffering, but that kind of bad luck is monumental. Hope you're having fun in Phoenix.

sandy h said...


I'm glad I'm not the only youth worker who has weekends like you had. Hope you can swing that golf club.

WildLife Ministries said...

Dude, I feel for you. Hope our "great" phoenix whether is treating you well. At least golf is cheap this time of year.


Mariah Snyder said...

Not gunna lie Kurt Johnston, John and I laughed for a good 10 minutes about all this! Rough day! Wish we could have been there!