Big Ol' Jet Airliner

This afternoon, I'm heading to the Philippines and then to Singapore and won't be home until July 17th. I think this will be the longest I've ever been away from my family which makes me dread the trip even though it's going to be fantastic.

In the Philippines, I'll be joining a team of our junior high students who have already been there for about a week. We'll be doing some local ministry stuff then leading a one day Purpose-driven Youth Ministry conference for about 600 local youth workers. From there, the students will come home and I, along with my co-worker, Matt Hall, will fly to Singapore to be part of a three day youth ministry conference.

I'll be posting occasionally while I'm gone.

I wonder if the Philippines has good shaved ice?


Brett Moore said...

- did you ever know Dan Reiland?? He is now my exec. pastor at Crossroads where I am the Pastor to Middle School students. I met someone else here who knows you from Skyline...maybe you remember the Whetsels???

Kurt Johnston said...

Yes, and yes!
Dan Reiland was the executive Pastor while I was at Skyline...he may be the best leader I've ever worked for.

marko said...

dude, in singapore, give heow lee a REALLY big hug. he LOVES big american hugs.