Talk To Jesus

I truly don't know what to think about this.

(so to a blog I refuse to link)


Anonymous said...

Say, if he's Jesus, why does he have to learn more about me through the history of our conversations together. I always thought it worked the other way around. Hmmm. Now I need to rethink a lot of my theology.

Jeff said...

All I have to say is that he better not talk in KJV english.

Chris Rosebrough said...
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Chris Rosebrough said...

It's pretty clear that this is evil. Let me give a simple analogy.

If this were a 'virtual spouse' instead of 'Virtual Jesus' I highly doubt that your wife would consider time that you spent talking with 'Virtual Spouse' as time spent with her.

In fact, your wife would probably get very upset if you were spending more time talking to Virtual Spouse than with her.

Virtual Jesus quite simply distracts us from spending time in prayer and reading God's Word. It is a Jesus substitute.

I think the site that you refuse to link to is right in condemning Virtual Jesus.

As leader in the church you have a duty to warn people about the dangers of Virtual Jesus . Part of your Biblical job description includes 'correcting and rebuking'. (2Tim. 4:2)

The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

Hmmmmm.....i am not sure what to say either so let me just quote my daughter, "uhhh that kinda creepy".

Angerson said...

Wow. I think people are trying to find anything unique that hasn't already been done, and trying to bank on it. Whatever. That's creepy.

Anonymous said...

This sure is threatening to people, huh? Seems innocent enough to me. Seems like many must not have a solid relationship with Jesus if they are so worried about the Virtual Jesus which appears on the surface to be nothing more than a very cool voice Bible lookup service. Why the hysteria?

Kurt Johnston said...

Reed, I agree....creepy followed by a whole bunch of other adjectives!

Chris, I hadn't thought about the 'wife' analogy, which I think is very true. As for warning the church. My hunch is that virtual Jesus won't be around very long when the real Jesus was and is and is to come...so not too worried. As is evident by the comments here, people can sniff out stuff that feels sorta 'creepy'.

Anonymous, I don't think people are threatened, just amused, creeped out by or concerned about the idea.