Barry Bonds Card

I was going through a bunch of old stuff while working in my garage, and ran across some old baseball cards. To my astonishment, I found a Barry Bonds rookie card, mint condition. I really think that at some point in the future Bonds will be exonerated of most all steroid charges and will go in to the Hall of Fame distinguished as the best hitter of all time.

If you, or anybody you know, might have an interest in buying this card, let me know ASAP. I'm giving it 2 weeks and then putting it on Ebay and taking whatever I can get for it. I've included a scanned copy of the card to show it's condition - as you'll see it is in MINT condition.

(SO to Alan Mercer)


Dana Kidder said...

that's not even funny...oh wait, yes it is...HAHA!!

Pat said...
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Kevin said...

hilarious, the whole office laughed our heads off.

Pat said...

I'll trade you 2 Canseco's and 1 McGwire (if that's not enough I'll throw in a Palmero).