Random Randomness

- We had our end of Summer beach baptism last night which was really neat. A funny highlight was losing a tiny, very slippery, 7th grade boy under a massive shore-break wave that caught us off guard. Talk about baptism by immersion!

- This weekend, we're starting a series called 'Old Timers' and we're going to take a look at a different Old Testament character each week. This week we'll be looking at King Saul. A fun element is our weekly video in which we got John Allen, our 77 year old volunteer, to dress up in a bible costume and share the story of the person of the week. He dressed the exact same for every video and just changed his opening: "Hi, I'm Saul", "Hi, I'm Shadrach", "Hi, I'm Esther"....should be pretty funny.

- Got turned on to a website called www.highrisehq.com yesterday. It looks like it could be a pretty cool tool for managing volunteers, students etc. It's sorta a database meets outlook meets personnel manager.

- On December 1, we are hosting our first Global Youth Summit on Aids. It's being tagged on at the end of the adult summit. I'm super excited about the potential to raise awareness and compassion in the students of So. Cal.

- My wife refuses to let us sleep with the air conditioning running (she has some crazy sense of financial responsibility, or something....) and the last three or four nights have been brutal. Windows open, fan running and a wet wash cloth by the bed to keep me cool!

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