Top 2 Volunteer Tips

If you are the leader of your junior high ministry, one of your roles is to develop some sort of team of volunteers to help you lead your ministry. Getting people on the team is a big step, but how do you keep them on board? Let me share, what I believe, the two most important things to do with your volunteer team:

1. Get Them On The Same Page: A team that works against each other is doomed. One of your most important roles is to get everybody heading the same direction.
- Why does your ministry do what it does?
- Why doesn't it do what it doesn't do?
- What are the ministry values?
- What is the purpose, mission, strategy etc. of your ministry?
- What are the expectations of being part of the team? What do you expect from them and what can they expect from you?

2. Encourage Them: Training is important (in fact it's one of the key ways you keep everybody on the same page), but I've seen far too many well trained volunteers leave youth ministry because they are worn out and discouraged. My theory is that if you keep your leaders encouraged, you'll have plenty of time to train them!

My suggestion:
- A formal interview process on the front end that allows you to get to know the potential volunteer. Do a background check, ask for and call references, work the potential volunteer through your purpose statement. Be clear in your expectations and what it takes to be a member of your team.

- Monthly or quarterly training meetings with the entire team.

- Regular, ongoing encouragement.
emails, coffee dates, group outings etc. Simple, low-maintenance ways to encourage your team and let them know you appreciate their sacrifice.


John said...

thanks kurt! I'm in the process of trying to form a leadership team and am having my first leader's meeting in a week and a 1/2. I have been trying to think about what to do and how to do it. this blog helped the process along! i like the part about talk to them about why you do what you do, (and more) why you don't do what you don't do!


MikePHenry said...

I'm wrapping up my second year in Junior High ministry and I'm fianlly atarting to see some real growth in my volunteer team. Along witrh developing a REAL team feeling, I'm also getting around to letting my first volunteer go.

How do we do this and how can we salvage the relationship? She's a young lady who has not met our expectations as a Spiritual Leader for our kids. I'd like for her to be ministered to more and hopefully come back to our ministry, so how do I keep from blowing her off completely?

Any thoughts from anyone?

Dave said...

I know this has nothing to do with your post but I am in big need of any type of occult/cult resources. I learned that one of my teens is struggling with this. I don't know of any out there. Do you or anyone else happen to know of anything available? Thanks!

Josh(ua) Treece said...

Good practical tips boss!

HSM Sophmore said...

Go Chargers