Video Road Trip

I'm on a quick road trip trying to film 10 video small group lessons in two days. Last year, we filmed ten lessons that our leaders could throw in the dvd player without any prep. The idea was that they would be used when a leader hadn't had time (or taken the time) to prep the usual lesson, if it felt like the group needed a break from the usual curriculum or for any other reason.

We purposely only filmed 10 lessons because we didn't want the use of video curriculum to become the norm in a small group. Despite the super poor quality lighting and sound, our groups absolutely loved the stuff.

So this year we are going way more professional in hopes of producing a much higher quality resource for our leaders and students.

I've written ten 'scripts' but I tend to freestyle quite a bit so it should be interesting. We've budgeted our time to allow about one hour per video! I'm stressed about the next two days, but excited to put some better stuff in the hands of our leaders.


brandonearly said...

I have been talking this over with some of our key staff since last year, we were going to hit the road with a cam some time in the new year. I would love to hear (and see) more about the specifics. I was thinking something like the Dare2Share's Gospel Journey (but way shorter) and I have heard of "The 24/7 Experience" that YS is selling but I have not seen it. If you have one specific video you feel good about it would be cool if you would dump one on youtube, post it and the question that went with it on your blog. A lot of us are video savvy enough that this might spark some great ides for us.

joshua johnson said...

When can we get our hands on some video small group stuff? That would be amazing!