Weekend Wrap Up etc.

We had a great weekend. Attendance was up (Summer is finally over) and excitement was high. We are in week #2 of our "Old Timers" series and this week our lesson was on Shadrach and his two friends. For the first time in a real long time, I ditched most of the message after the first service because I felt like I really missed the mark. I think it was the right move because the next two lessons seemed to be on target.

This is the first Monday of the school year which means date day! To kick off our date day season, I'm going to surprise Rachel with brunch at a mystery location that Leigh Sarti recommended. Should be fun.

Tonight also kicks off our Monday Night Football rotation. Tonight, dinner and the game at Ron and Katie Edward's house.

Wow...I really love the Fall!

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dan said...

kurt, that's great that you treat rach so nice during football season! I'll learn from you - send that mistery location.